Konza Prairie Bison Query

Before answering the Konza Prairie Bison Queries, be sure to read Trail 8: Bison and study the Bison Database.

Answers to the following questions can be found in the bison database. Questions increase in difficulty from one to seven. At the end of each question there is a link to the bison database and a link to the answer. There may also be a link to a hint. Try to first answer the question using the database, and then click to see if you are correct.

1. How many calves were born in 2011?

2. How did the herd size change from 2010 to 2011?

3. In 2011, what is the age of the oldest cow whose birth date is known?

4. How many cows were of reproductive age in 2011?

5. On average, how many calves were born to cows of reproductive age in 2011?

6. What percentage of reproductive age cows had calves in the 2011 breeding season?

7. How many bison were removed from the herd (sold, traded or died) in 2011?

8. Can you think of possible explanations for some of the changes in the above data?



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